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Medical HBOT Chamber

Mild HBOT Chamber

Mild HBOT for Acclimating to Elevation

Mountain Hyperbarics Menu of Services & Prices

Medical HBOT

is delivered using a Fortius 420 hard-sided hyperbaric chamber using 100% pure oxygen. The Fortius 420 is equipped to attain 1.5-2.2 atmospheric pressure (ATA).


is delivered using a Summit to Sea, Shallow Dive, soft-sided hyperbaric chamber using 96% saturated oxygen. The Shallow Dive is equipped to reach 1.3 atmospheric pressure (ATA).


Medical HBOT is used as a treatment for medical conditions as prescribed by our medical director, Kirsten “Kicki” Searfus, MD. For medical HBOT to be administered, a prescription from a licensed physician is REQUIRED.

mHBOT is used for general health maintenance, elevating athletic performance or athletic recovery, and acclimating to elevation.

Clinic Type

  • Mountain Hyperbarics is a free standing, independent, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT, clinic.

  • Mountain Hyperbarics is a pay for service clinic.

  • Mountain Hyperbarics provides both Medical HBOT and mild HBOT therapies.

  • Mountain Hyperbarics is Certified by the Durango Fire Protection District, Fire Prevention Bureau, and meets all NFPA 99 Fire & Safety Codes.

  • Mountain Hyperbarics uses only FDA approved equipment.

Medical & Mild HBOT Fees


Length     Price

15 min.     NO CHARGE

30 min.     $50

45 min.     $70

60 min.     $90

Medical HBOT
Single Sessions

Pressure     Price

1.5 ATA      $198/hour

1.75 ATA    $231/hour

2.0 ATA      $264/hour

2.2 ATA      $290/hour

Medical HBOT

Pressure     Sessions       Price

1.5 ATA      10 sessions     $1,650

1.75 ATA    10 sessions     $1,925

2.0 ATA      10 sessions     $2,200

2.2 ATA      10 sessions     $2,420

Single Sessions

Length        Sessions        Price

1 hour         1 session          $90


Length         Sessions           Price

1 hour          5 sessions          $350

1 hour         10 sessions         $650


Mild HBOT + Floats at salt360 float studio

1 hour session + 1 hour float = $130

(5) 1 hour session + (5) 1 hour floats = $595

Click the salt360 logo below to book your combo package!

Medical Intake
for Medical HBOT

The fee for a Medical Intake with our Medical Director, Kirsten, “Kicki”, Searfus, MD is a one time:    


Medical Supplies
for Medical HBOT

There is a onetime fee for the oxygen hood assembly & hoses:


HBOT for Special

Ask about our veterans’ program and vocational rehabilitation program, and special rates.


Payment is expected at time of service.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover personal checks, and cash.

The exceptions to these terms are:  Veterans receiving treatment through the America’s Mighty Warriors, Healing Our Heroes program or alternate contracted payment terms.


Mountain Hyperbarics does not bill insurance.

Medical HBOT patients will be provided a Medical Services Invoice upon request.

Mountain Hyperbarics is NOT a provider for Medicare.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – HBOT cpt code 99183


Please give 24 hours’ notice when cancelling an appointment. Emergencies are taken into consideration. If 24 hours’ notice is not provided, 50% of the missed session fee will be assessed.

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